Aion Crafting Guide – Choose the Best Aion Crafting Skill For Your Class

Aion crafting is just like in real life. In order to make money or in Aion, Kinah’s, you need to learn Aion crafting. There are six different crafting skills in Aion and you can take on any of them, but each character can only master two of them. In this article you will get a brief introduction to crafting in Aion, where you can learn to master them and what crafting skill that is best suited for your class.

The six crafting skills are:


This Aion Crafting skill lets you produce heavy armors, helmets and shields. When you’re at the higher levels, the only ways to get high quality heavy armory and shields is to kill rare mobs or bosses and by crafting them yourself.

The Gladiator and Templar classes will benefit most this crafting skill, but it may also be useful for Priests.

To learn Armorsmithing:

Asmodian faction – Talk to Kinterun at the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium.

Elyos faction – Talk to Vulcanus in Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.


Cooking is a fun Aion crafting skill to possess and all classes can benefit from it. However it won’t make you rich and it can take some time to craft food and beverages.

To learn Cooking:

Asmodian faction – Talk to Lainita at the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium.

Elyos faction – Talk to Hestia in Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.


The Aion crafting skill of handicrafting let you make rings, bows, necklaces, staves, earrings and glasses. You can make a lot of Kinah with handicrafting, but keep in mind that you will have to spend quite a bit of time gathering materials. Rangers and Chanters will get the most out of this crafting skill, but any class can benefit from it and make a lot of Kinah with it.

To learn Handicrafting:

Asmodian faction – Talk to Lanseat the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium.

Elyos faction – Talk to Utsida in Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.


Sewing will allow you to make belts, hats, shoes and leather armor. You can get a pretty good armor for yourself with this Aion crafting skill, but you won’t make a lot of Kinah with it. Scouts and Mages will get the most out of sewing.

To learn Sewing:

Asmodian faction – Talk to Zyakia at the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium.

Elyos faction – Talk to Daphnis in Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.


With the Alchemy Aion crafting skill you can make orbs, spell books, potions, scrolls and manastones. Spirit Masters and Sorcerers will get the most out of Alchemy, but some of the tings you can craft such as potions and scrolls can be very useful for other classes as well.

To learn Alchemy:

Asmodian faction – Talk to Honir at the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium.

Elyos faction – Talk to Diana in Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.


This Aion crafting let you create swords, pole arms, maces, spears and daggers. Assassins, Gladiators and Templar’s will get the most out of weaponsmithing, but it is possible to make a lot of Kinah with this crafting skill, so other classes may also consider it.

To learn Weaponsmithing:

Asmodian faction – Talk to Rogi at the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium.

Elyos faction – Talk to Anteros in Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.

Try to figure out which Aion crafting skill you want to go for as early in the game as possible, even if you don’t want to take on a skill right away. Then you know what materials that might be useful for you to keep.

Evony Farming Level 9 and 10 Valleys for Medals – Justice and Nation

Okay, since the first Super Server Merge, Evony drop rates of Medals have all been screwed to hell. Medals are not only needed to promote to a higher rank, but also to hire captured heroes.

  • To get started, you wil need about 30k Archers per Valley that you plan to farm, and you should farm at least 4 Valleys at a time, so a spare 120k Archers will do. You will also need a few thousand Warriors, a couple Pikeman and Swordsman, and up to 20k Cavalry if you decide to farm the Valleys that have Archers in them.
  • You will also want to make sure your Feasting Hall is FULL while Medal Farming, because if you capture a Hero your chances of getting a Medal greatly fall.
  • You will want to attack every Valley twice, consecutively, even if you get a medal. Valleys are known to reward Medals one after the other, but never more than 2 medals in 6 hours – so if you get 2 medals from a Valley, you can stop hitting that Valley until 6 hours has passed. If you hit a Valley twice and dont get a medal, wait 1 hour for the Valley troops to Replenish then try again.
  • Always send 250-500 warriors with your attacks on a Valley for Prestige – Archers cost too much to send extra, so stick to Warriors.

Start out by scouting all the Level 10 Valleys that you want to Farm for Medals, I wouldn’t go out much farther than 15 miles unless you have to. Depending on what type of troops are in the Valley, you will Farm with a certain type of your own troops to take minimal losses from the Valley. You will want to look for Valleys of this sort. Any combination of the following:

  • Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen
  • Archers Only
  • Cavalry with up to 3 other Troop Types, excluding Archers (Archers and Cavalry give too many losses to Farm)

Depending on what Troops the Valley holds, you should attack with the following:

Valley Troops – Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen Attack to Send – 25k Archers

Valley Troops – Archers Only Attack to Send – Equal Cavalry (Same as Archers)

Valley Troops – Cavalry Only Attack to Send – 15k Archers, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 1 Ballista

Valley Troops – Cavalry with 2 other Troops Attack to Send – 30k Archers, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 1 Ballista

Valley Troops – Cavalry with 3 other Troops Attack to Send – 30k Archers, 3k Warriors, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 100 Ballista

(Note: Justice and Nation Medals CAN be obtained from Level 9 Velleys as well) – July 12th 2011)

Where to find your medals (This may not be 100% accurate)

Cross: Everywhere – mainly grasslands

Rose: Level 10 Flats mainly

Lion: Level 10 Hills Honor: Level 10 Forests

Freedom: Unsure

Wisdom: Unsure

Courage: Everywhere

Nation: Level 10 Hills

Justice: Level 10 Swamps and Deserts

Credit Cards and Bankruptcy

The inevitable trap of credit cards and the preying by banks on their victims may lead many to bankruptcy. There is no easy way out of financial situations when income simply does not match expenditure. We all want the latest and best things on the market and many acquire them through loans on those pieces of plastic. The facts are, however, that the interest charged may mean that repaying such loans quickly puts it out of reach of meeting it.

Banks are not so honourable that they will surrender their biggest money earners, namely the credit cards. The ones who use them are ‘cash cows’ supplying their lenders with huge incomes and vast annual profits. It’s like gambling when one puts money in and gets little back in return.

In times past I too was hooked on credit and then some valuable lessons came to hand. The goods I was buying during sales, and so forth, were costing twice as much as they would if the same items were bought for cash. Not only that but much of the stuff filling my cupboards was unnecessary and likely would never be used.

Banks and sales go together. One often sees stores offering extra discounts for using a Visa card. It does not take a genius to know how much the business receives back for this slight-of-hand deal. Nor does one need a calculator to check on where the institutions are making most of their money.

At the moment in Australia interest loans on property have never been lower. One can get a mortgage for something like 1.5 percent or even less. That is because the banks know that people will be forced to sell that property at a great loss if they go bankrupt through using their credit cards. With that in mind the offer of extended credit is given to the mortgagee.

There is a move afoot here to force banks to disclose the source of their income while the Opposition wants a Royal Commission into banking practices. With the focus on the ongoing links between credit cards and bankruptcy prominent in the media it is long overdue.

The best way to avoid the trap is to tear up the cards and have nothing to do with them. Bargains are only such when there is a genuine saving to be had from the purchase. If money is correctly managed then buying things for cash will quickly become a priority.

Interview: Elliott Kalb

Elliott Kalb is a five-time Sports Emmy winner, working for NBC Sports for 15-years, and currently for HBO Sports, TNT, and CBS-Westwood One Radio Network. Known to many as Mr. Stats, he’s written two books, posted an excellent article with us and now he sits down with me to answers some questions.

Who’s been your favorite interview so far? Most surprising?

Since I’ve been promoting my books, my favorite interview has been Hall of Famer Rick Barry, who hosts a talk show on KNBR in SF. He told me that I should have ranked him 24th all time, since that was the number he always wore. I ranked him 22nd.

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to interview (or write questions for) most great athletes of the last two decades. My favorite was talking to Pat Riley about his ability to teach and motivate. I asked him if he felt he was wasting years teaching (mainly) to 12-millionaires, rather than hundreds of young people in a classroom. Riley is a tremendous interview.

What’s the most memorable sports moment you witnessed live?

Where do I begin? I produced NBC’s baseball coverage from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where the USA team defeated a heavily favored Cuba team. I was there at the 1988 World Series, when Kirk Gibson hit a miraculous homer. I was there for each of Michael Jordan’s 35 NBA Finals games. Super Bowl XXIII, when Joe Montana led a last minute comeback. The last two Super Bowls, when the Patriots narrowly defeated the Panthers and Eagles. Game 7 of the 2003 Western Conference Finals between the Kings and Lakers. Game 7 of the 2000 Western conference Finals, when the Lakers overcame a 15-point defecit to the Trailblazers. Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. Game 7’s are almost always memorable.

Who’s your all-time sports hero?

Wilt Chamberlain was my hero growing up. I’ve been chronicling the career of Shaquille since he came into the NBA, and very proud that I was the first to write that he was the best of all time.

What’s been the harshest criticism of your “Who’s Better, Who’s Best? in Basketball” book?

That I ranked Shaq first merely to sell books.

What’s your reaction to the Congressional hearings with MLB regarding steroid use?

If Congress wanted truly to help kids (as they said) they would worry about stopping the sale of alcohol at sports events. Congress found a way to look good. Bud Selig was made to look a fool. Of course, he wants a tougher steroids policy, but his hands are tied by the players association and Don Fehr.

Who do you think will be the #1 pick in this year’s NFL Draft? Why?

I follow the NFL, the NBA, and MLB very closely. I’m afraid I don’t have the time to follow college football the same way. I do know the Niners need a quarterback, and the Dolphins need a running back.

When the next group of players is picked, who do you think should be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

One of the best trios of all time left the game in 2001. Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken, Jr. and Mark McGwire. When it is their turn, I am looking forward to that. Guys like Tony Perez or the recently retired Roberto Alomar are close, but no cigar in my opinion.

Do you think gambling hurts or helps collegiate sports? Professional sports?

I love fantasy leagues, but I think they are starting to hurt sports because anytime players and/or fans care more about individual stats than team goals, it hurts the sport. No doubt pools help interest in the NCAA tournament.

Do you miss the NHL? Do you know anyone that does?

I’m afraid I’m not much of a hockey fan. I feel for the many people who make their income off of the sport, though.

Do you think professional women’s leagues like the WNBA will succeed in the long run? Why?

The women’s leagues have created a niche. It will never rival the main sports, but I am happy for those involved and the people that enjoy them.

What do Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth, Dan Marino and Chris Carter think of

They all enjoy debating the issues, so I’m sure they would like the site.

When will your book signing tour make it to Southern California?

I will be in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 14.

It’s draft time and the following people make up the draft for your sports organization. Which people are FIRST ROUND picks, which are LAST ROUND picks and which go UNDRAFTED? Why?

Barry Bonds

FIRST ROUND – Greatest baseball player of all time.

Michael Jordan

FIRST ROUND – Greatest non-center to ever play in the NBA.

Pete Rose

LAST ROUND – As a manager, he bet on his own team some days, which means he bet against his team on others…that’s what I have a problem with.

Bill Parcells

FIRST ROUND – I worked with Bill and I am one of his guys. A Jersey guy. A guy he can hang with at the diner. A guy that is loyal to him, and would go through a wall for. He needles me, gets on my case, and made me work twice as hard for him as anyone else.

Jose Canseco

LAST ROUND – I wrote a better baseball book than him–an old fashioned baseball book that could have been written at any point in time…but this schmuck has the best-seller?

Kobe Bryant

LAST ROUND – I wrote in the NBA book almost two years ago, that any great perimeter player (Tracy McGrady, for instance) would have won those three titles that Kobe won. Shaq made the difference. He has proven me correct.

Bill Buckner

SECOND ROUND – I still think of him as a batting champ, an excellent hitter, and he should have been replaced for defense in the 9th inning of Game 6 of the 1986 WS.

Brett Favre

LAST ROUND – Still can’t stomach him after he let Strahan sack him intentionally for record.

Billy Martin

Very underrated manager…and as a longtime Yankees fan, he’ll always have a place in my heart.

Bobby Knight

FIRST ROUND – I like Parcells, so I like Knight. Of course. He represents so much about what is good for his sport.

Mark Cuban

FIRST ROUND – Owners I like more than him: Al Davis, the Maloof brothers. Also, although he wasn’t an owner, Pat Croce has been a friend, role model, and the real deal.

Pedro Martinez

FIRST ROUND – One of the greatest of all time. I ranked him 29th all time, and he’ll be better than Koufax if he does anything in the back end of his career.

Terrell Owens

Who’s Better, Who’s Best? I’ll take Randy Moss and Teri Hatcher over T.O. and Nicolette Sheridan.