Easy-Grip Bingo Daubers – Adjusting to Life with Chronic Pain

Making minor adjustments to maintain a higher quality of life.

Bingo, a game of chance that’s been around for hundreds of years, a familiar term that suggests fun, enjoyment, and a night out with friends and family. A night of bingo, just one single-session game containing ten chances at potentially winning money, can mean 200 or more flicks of the wrist.

This may seem small, or even minute, but to the over 66 million sufferers of chronic pain, either from arthritis, carpal tunnel or wear and tear, this simple movement of daubing a bingo card can bring hours of pain, tears and disappointment to bingo players.

Bingo players suffering from discomfort are turning to toward the more modern-day way of playing bingo, using online bingo as their savior. Online bingo sites provide an auto-daub feature, a function that lets players set it and forget it…that is, until the funds are gone.

Fortunately, dauber manufacturers have heard the pain of bingo players and are now re-introducing an easy-grip soft bingo dauber. These easy-squeeze daubers are sweeping the nation. The toothpaste tube, easy-grip daubers offer the same conveniences expected of an average dauber such as:

o A refillable tube

o Bright high-quality dauber ink

o Ability to stand on their cap

Fading are the days where you force yourself to play bingo with friends and family only to arrive home afterward, richer or poorer, and in pain. The easy-grip daubers allow players to accept their limitations and remain active, bringing back the fun and enjoyment of this social game of chance.

Players still want to have the fun and excitement of going out to a local bingo hall and recent advances by bingo product manufacturers are allowing us to continue to play in a community atmosphere the way it was meant to be played.