The Billiard Hall Visualized As a Lucrative Business Idea

One calls to mind the movies, “The Hustler” and “The Color of Money,” when someone visualizes a billiard hall, as these movies are replete with scenes featuring this kind of place. A roomful of billiard tables with the incessant smoke filling the air and bright lights overhead are among the imagery that describe a pool hall. Here, players can play a game of pool, snooker or billiards while drinking beer or other liquor, thus earning the place such monikers as billiard parlor or saloon.

Prior to 1960, billiard halls were perceived as places of antisocial activities. These were the places that were more like pubs, where alcohol was imbibed freely and the game encouraged gambling among players and spectators as well. There were even laws passed restricting the entry of minors into billiard halls. But slowly this perception changed and billiards is now regarded as a game that requires considerable skill.

Players rent billiard tables on an hourly basis for $8-15, depending on the city and the location. A billiard hall also arranges for its classes to teach eager students on the nuances of playing the game. Many world champions of this game started playing at a young age, virtually growing up in billiard halls. Billiard halls are the best places to learn the game easily by observing other players.

Starting a billiard hall is a lucrative business idea if the location is right. Even a pool hall with a single pool table has the potential of earning good money. Most of the halls of this game open at 11 a.m. and close after midnight. They are open all through the week, though the open hours are different on the weekends. Holidays are the time when maximum players turn up to enjoy the game, a few smokes and a drink, and catching up with friends.

Sometimes, betting and the availability of alcohol will turn the game ugly with fights and brawls, yet billiards has attained prominence as a professional game. The World Billiard Championship is an annual event in which many professional players of this game participate. Playing and winning such a tournament is hailed as an achievement and considered a matter of pride.

Hooray for the Legit Hall of Fame!

Yeah NBA. They did the right thing. “The Worm” will turn into a Hall of Famer (I hope) in August of 2011.

Baseball Hall of Fame, farce. Until Pete Rose is in there the MLB Hall is illegitimate. I am not a “Charlie Hustle” fan. But the all time hits leader, c’mon. If they want to have an additional “Hall of Shame”, then Pete could be in there also.

Football Hall of Fame, farce. Kickers should wear dresses, so they don’t get in. Well linemen say quarterbacks should also wear dresses and plenty of QBs got in. Kickers are odd so they don’t get in. Well until the Guy gets in the NFL Hall is a farce. Ray Guy should be in with his odd teammates (like “The Snake” Stabler should be also). Ray not only changed games with his punting, he also controlled and won games. No I’m not a Raiders fan, though I do respect them for being the first wild card team to win it all. At least Jan Stenerud, field goal kicker, got in. Ray was in more Pro Bowls than Jan was.

‘Nough said on that.

So the NBA will induct Dennis Rodman into their Hall of Fame even though he wore a dress instead of a tux. Remember? It was a beautiful white wedding dress. Dennis, a tattoo artist’s meal ticket. Dennis, gambling addict. Dennis Outrageous. Even Michael Jordan (who barely snuck into the Hall) and Phil Jackson could not control the court jester “Worm”. This guy was unbelievable. Talk about a nose for the ball. He was 6′ 7″, big compared to you and me; not big under the hole though. There are not a whole lot of guys with 7.3 points per game in the NBA Hall. That’s Dennis’s career average in points scored. Six times he averaged over 15 rebounds per game. Seven times he averaged over 5 offensive rebounds per game, giving his team another chance to score. Twice he averaged over 18 ‘bounds a game. Career average over 13. Since 1998, when Rodman retired, one time a guy averaged over 15 rebounds per game in a season. Dennis almost did it seven years in a row! (He had a 14.9 that ruined it.) Tell you what, they say M. J. doesn’t win his six titles without Scotty Pippen. Well, that may well be. But “Air Jordan” might just say that he couldn’t have done it without the out-of-control “Worm” for 3 years.

Well deserved Dennis. I didn’t think the NBA would do what was right.

NBA you are legitimate…

…and also the best to bet on. If you got nerves of steel. “I’m ahead, I’m behind, I’m ahead, I’m behind.” And a 20 point lead is nothing.